Our Story

Keeper’s Heart Whiskey is first and foremost the story of family. Started by cousins, our whiskey was created to celebrate the spirit of family, support our community and leave a meaningful legacy for generations to come. We believe that the spirit of family is the strongest positive force in the world and we are committed to creating the moments that bring people together.

is the
story of
a family

The answer
is in the glass

Several years ago cousins Patrick and Michael O’Shaughnessy, along with Michael’s father Gerry, were sharing a bottle of whiskey.

It was the end of a long and joyous day at an O’Shaughnessy family reunion, where hundreds of relatives traveled from around the world to spend time together. They were reflecting on the importance of family; on how to make sure future generations stayed connected; and on the legacy they wanted to leave.

As conversation went deeper into the night and more whiskey was poured, they had a realization: the answer was in the glass. It was at that point they set out to create a whiskey that celebrated their Irish-American heritage, that built a way for friends and family to connect today and left a legacy for future generations.


The cousins set off to make a whiskey and their first stop was the family homeland of Ireland. They figured that if they want to make a whiskey that celebrates their Irish-American heritage, they might as well go to the source.

As the cousins set off to the Emerald Isle, they sent a chance email to whom they considered the finest Master Distiller in the world, Brian Nation. Much to their surprise, Brian responded and they set up a 30 minute meeting in Cork, Ireland. Well, that 30 minute meeting turned into a 5 hour meal as Michael, Patrick, Gerry, Brian and his wife Una created an immediate connection. A new family was forming and a vision was emerging: to blend the best of Irish and American whiskey traditions to create something entirely new.

If You Do
It, Do It

The new team set out to make their vision a reality. They procured some of the finest stocks of aged Irish whiskey but they knew that was not enough.

To realize their vision, they knew they needed their own whiskey. They needed a place where Brian could fulfill his desire to innovate, to push the category and to blend the best of Irish and American traditions. So they created O’Shaughnessy Distillery in their hometown of Minneapolis and warmly welcomed the Nation family to this side of the pond.

O’Shaughnessy Distillery was built in an old potato factory and features the key to making Irish style whiskey: our three beautiful copper pot stills.

The Birth
of a Brand

From this vision, team and place was born Keeper’s Heart Whiskey. Steeped in passion, dedicated to quality and committed to creating the moments worth keeping, Keeper’s Heart is the first whiskey to blend the best of Irish and American traditions. We offer traditional Irish whiskeys, American + Irish blends, and American Whiskeys made in the traditional Irish style.


Every element of our logo was carefully considered to tell a part of our story.



Represents our desire to cherish the important elements of life: loved ones, time, traditions. It is also our tip of the cap to that community whose mission is to serve: the world’s barkeepers.



Everything we do comes from the heart, with passion and honesty. We also always carefully select the heart of the distillation.



Represents the specialness of time spent together and a reminder from the family to enjoy every moment. Fugit Hora, The Hour Flies, is our family motto and reminder to slow down and enjoy every moment.



Your invitation from the family to join ours. We look forward to unlocking experiences together.



Traditionally every castle has a Keep—the innermost sanctum where the family’s most prized possessions are kept. Our Keep represents the specialness of the liquid created by Master Distiller Brian Nation.