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Win a Chance To Throw The First Pitch


One lucky winner will have the chance to throw the first pitch at Keeper’s Heart Day during the Minnesota Twins vs. St. Louis Cardinals game on Friday, August 23rd.


Created to celebrate and unlock the moments worth keeping Keeper’s Heart is created to celebrate and unlock the moments worth keeping. Made with pride and a keen eye for time-tested quality, our whiskey is inspired by our family journey. Bringing together our Irish and American heritage and distilling tradition, we create whiskeys that are truly remarkable.

We are proud to announce our first whiskey release. Our flagship offering highlights the Irish whiskey’s notes of baking spices which pair beautifully with the American whiskey’s sweetness and lingering notes of charred oak.

Our whiskeys unlock the best of times among friends and family. Enjoy every moment, for as our family motto says, Fugit Hora The Hour Flies

Introducing Brian Nation

Master Distiller

Meet Brian, our Master Distiller. He is an absolute legend in the world of Irish Whiskey and we couldn’t be more proud to call him a member of our family. Brian’s experience speaks for itself. For the last 7 years he was Master Distiller for some of the most renowned and high quality Irish whiskeys in the world including Jameson, Redbreast, Midleton Very Rare, the Spot range and Powers Irish Whiskey.

It is not just Brian’s taste for whiskey that brought him to Keeper’s Heart—Brian was captivated by the opportunity to bring his skills and family to America in order to explore new expressions in whiskey, bringing together two whiskey traditions to create something entirely new. We are thrilled he is part of the family.

“To be involved in a team that is creating a new whiskey, a new taste profile, a blending of American and Irish whiskey... that really excites me.”


  • Mpls St. Paul Magazine

    “A world class distillery, with a globally-known Master Distiller, is about to open in town… This is something the Twin Cities hasn’t really seen before… What they’ve already done is kind of incredible.”

  • Chilled

    “Their state-of-the-art facility was designed with the intent to make world-class whiskeys.”

  • Cyties

    “…A reason to fly to the ‘Land of 10,000 Lakes,’ especially if you enjoy fine whiskey… The forthcoming distillery in itself is an outright masterpiece…”

  • Whiskey Advocate

    “Nation’s first American whiskeys will represent a cultural marriage between his homeland and the New World.”

  • WhiskyCast

    Keeper's Heart Irish + American Whiskey Scores 92 Points. "Excellent!"

  • The Pioneer Press

    "...the cocktail program is so innovative that I can and will recommend people get there before it catches on."

  • Eater

    "Irish whiskey legend and master distiller Brian Nation, formerly at the helm of mega brands like Jameson and Midleton, calls his Keeper’s Heart creation his “biggest passion project” to date."

  • Beer Dabbler

    "Keeper’s Heart manages to be creamy, smooth, and inviting like your favorite Irish while still offering the brawny, toothsome complexity of an American whiskey."

  • Cool Hunting

    "Open in Minneapolis, O’Shaughnessy Distilling Co distillery is one of the most impressive new distilleries in the US."

  • Mpls St. Paul Magazine

    "Suddenly, the local distillery game has leveled up. We’ve had local labels go national, but we’ve never had one go global. O’Shaughnessy Distilling Co. just might change that fact."

  • SevenFiftyDaily

    "It is unique and delicious, and will no doubt inspire other companies to create international whiskey blends."

  • Valet.

    "To put it simply, it's a go-to for any occasion—equally excellent neat, on the rocks or within a cocktail."

  • InsideHook

    "Overall, if you like bourbon and Irish whiskey, this is an ideal showcase for both styles. Wonderful neat but superbly suited for a Manhattan."


    "Does an “Irish-American Whiskey” still count as an “American Whiskey”? Yes. This is a very American whiskey with an Irish backbone. It’s also pretty damn tasty."

  • Maxim

    "Keeper's Heart is a bold new 'Irish-American' whiskey that channels the best spirits of both nations."

  • Huckberry

    "Minnesota (yep, Minnesota) is Home To One of Our Favorite New Whiskeys"

  • Hone Health

    "It’s unique, interesting, and loose; it’ll take your taste buds on a journey. It’s exciting enough to sip neat, but also excels in a cocktail."

  • Gear Patrol

    "In a crowded whiskey market, there's no one quite like Keeper's Heart."