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Keeper's Heart Irish + Bourbon Cask Strength

Keeper's Heart Irish + Bourbon Cask Strength

Bottled at Cask Strength, our award-winning blend marries the sweetness of bourbon with the earthy spices of Irish pot still and the delicate butterscotch notes of Irish grain whiskey, to deliver a powerful and truly unique taste experience.

59% ALC/VOL - 118 PROOF

Keeper's Heart Old Fashioned

Keeper's Heart Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned cocktail crafted using our award-winning Keeper’s Heart Irish + American whiskey, demerara syrup, and angostura bitters.

35% ALC/VOL – 70 PROOF

Keeper's Heart Irish + American Finished in Madeira Barrels

Keeper's Heart Irish + American Finished in Madeira Barrels

This high-proof expression delivers wonderful notes of dried fruits, toasted nuts, and rich caramel. Each sip reveals a luscious sweetness of raisins and figs, perfectly blended with the gentle warmth of oak and hints of vanilla.

55% ALC/VOL – 110 PROOF

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Keeper's Heart has won over 100 awards and accolades since launching in 2021


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