Irish + American
110 Proof

Photo of  Irish + American 110 Proof
In this high-proof expression our Master Distiller Brian Nation accentuates the unique qualities of Irish grain and single pot still whiskeys with the vibrant and robust rye to showcase the complexity and balance of Keeper's Heart Whiskey.

55% ALC/VOL – 110 PROOF


Vibrant, Spicy & Fruity


A concentration of confectionary sweetness with the orchard and tropical fruits coated in baking spices delivering a combination of spicy ginger, candy and some citrusy notes which are slow to dissipate, eventually revealing a complex combination of charred oak and notes of barley grain


Lingering finish of sweet spices combined with charred oak and barley grains


  Grain Source Liquid Origin Maturation
Triple Distilled Pot Still Whiskey Malted & Unmalted Barley Ireland Aged Over 4 Years in Refill American Bourbon Barrels
Grain Whiskey Maize/Malt Ireland Aged Over 4 Years in Refill American Bourbon Barrels
Rye Whiskey American Rye (95% Rye) US Aged Over 4 Years in Virgin American Oak Barrels

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