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Your opportunity to be a part of whiskey distilling history.

Keeper’s Heart Cask Society

Keeper’s Heart Whiskey is excited to invite you to our “Keeper’s Heart Cask Society.” Keeper’s Heart is the whiskey that blends the best of Irish and American traditions. Inspired by our family’s journey and history, and with a deep appreciation for time spent with loved ones and friends, Keeper’s Heart celebrates the moments worth keeping.

This offering gives you the opportunity to be part of whiskey distilling history by gaining access to one of the first one hundred casks of Keeper’s Heart Pot Distilled American Whiskey from our soon to be opened distillery in Minneapolis. As a member of our Family Cask Program, you will be warmly welcomed into our family and will receive a number of other special benefits.

The Cask

This program gives you access to a remarkable rare whiskey. Our Master Distiller, Brian Nation, has spent a lifetime honing the craft of whiskey distilling.

After a long and storied career as the Master Distiller with Irish Distillers, the makers of Jameson, Redbreast, Midleton Very Rare, the Spot range and Powers Irish Whiskey, he has joined the O’Shaughnessy Distilling family to embark on a new journey and explore new expressions of whiskey, marrying Irish and American Whiskey Traditions.

Our first Family Cask offering is the perfect expression of his vision: a whiskey made from 100% American grains distilled three times in copper pot stills – the quintessential way in which Irish Whiskey has traditionally been produced. Using a mash bill of malted and unmalted barley, this triple-distilled whiskey is matured in virgin American oak casks, resulting in the creation of the finest American triple-distilled Pot Whiskey.

Master Distiller Brian Nation

BRIAN NATION–Master Distiller
O’Shaughnessy Distilling Co.

Becoming a Member of the Keeper’s Heart Cask Society

At Keeper’s Heart, we believe that joining the family is about more than the whiskey itself–it’s about the experience and the journey that we take together while this whiskey matures and evolves.

Once you become a member of the family you’ll receive:

The opportunity to purchase whiskey aged in a unique cask

  • The bottled contents of the entire cask will be made available to you

A VIP tour of the O’Shaughnessy
Distillery in Minneapolis, hosted by
master distiller, Brian Nation (Anticipated opening, June, 2021)

The tour will include:

  • Behind the scenes tour of the facility
  • Premium tasting of our whiskeys
  • Tasting of exclusive distillates
  • Official cask signing and certificate of authenticity presentation
  • Branded glassware and whiskey tasting kit for your home enjoyment
  • Personalized sample of Keeper’s Heart Whiskey labeled with your name and cask number
  • Presentation of your Key To The Keep
  • Lunch and cocktails for you and 3 others

After your visit we will send you a personalized barrelhead emblazoned with the whiskey’s attributes.

Membership Includes

Exclusive access to our Keeper’s Heart Cask Society website

  • Special behind the scenes access to our distillery
  • Updates to the whiskies’ maturation progress
  • Views of the rickhouse
  • Annual gift of Keeper’s Heart merchandise on the anniversary of the cask’s lay down

Exclusive Opportunities to Purchase:

  • Bottles of limited release whiskeys before they are released to the public
  • Distillery-only release whiskeys
  • Future cask release programs
  • Intimate dinners/tasting events at the distillery for your guests

Each cask of whiskey comes with personal attention

  • You’ll receive a yearly personalized letter from our Master Distiller with tasting notes
  • You’ll be welcomed to an annual tasting and take home a 50ml sample
  • You will work directly with our distilling team to optimize bottling timing


The whiskey will be bottled at cask strength after a minimum of 4 years maturation. The final number of bottles garnered from each cask will be determined by the length of time the cask has aged. The estimated number of bottles will be made available prior to bottling.

Should you elect to make a purchase, the 700ml bottles will be labeled under the Keeper’s Heart brand with individualized cask number, proof statement, date of cask lay down, date of bottling, bottle number, your name and signed by Master Distiller Brian Nation.

Not able to come to Minneapolis?

We still want you to be part of the family. We would be happy to arrange a personal call with the Master Distiller so he can talk you through the process. You’ll still receive all the benefits of being a member of the Keeper’s Heart Cask Society.

Your Key to
The Keeper’s Heart
Cask Society

As a society member, you will receive a hand-forged key celebrating your membership. This key will provide you access to the exclusive Keeper’s Heart Cask Society website. Your inclusion in the Cask Society will be recognized in the distillery for you to see when you visit.

Cost of Membership: $15,000 USD

Become a Keeper’s Heart
Cask Society Member

Complete this form if you’re interested in purchasing a membership to the Keeper’s Heart Cask Society priced at $15,000