Almost Everyone Is Excited About Keeper’s Heart

In 2021, the whiskey world was rocked when Master Distiller Brian Nation left Ireland’s largest whiskey distillery and his hometown of Cork, to join our family in Minneapolis, Minnesota to create Keeper’s Heart Whiskey. With Brian’s move to America, you can expect that a few people were up in arms…or in this case, his entire hometown of Cork.

We understand their disappointment but hope the people of Ireland can look at the greater good that has come from this. By marrying the best of Irish & American distilling traditions to create a new and unique style of whiskey, Brian has further strengthened the special bond that ties our two great nations together.

We hope the people of Ireland will accept our sincerest apology. We’re sure they’ll feel better once Keeper’s Heart arrives in Ireland, but until then, we hope you’ll enjoy a dram in their stead. Find the most awarded new whiskey of 2022 near you.