Bold Flavors Call for a Bolder Proof

Keeper’s Heart is always a careful blend. It’s a marriage of three different types of whiskeys, but of course, some marriages are more intense than others—which is how we arrived at our newest release. We are constantly driven by the pursuit of good taste—going so far as to flout international whiskey conventions by blending American rye with Irish grain and pot still whiskeys. But if that wasn’t enough, now we’re releasing an even bolder version of the most awarded new whiskey of 2022—our Irish + American 110 Proof. It expertly combines the delicate sweetness of Irish grain and richness of Irish Pot Still with the spice of American Rye at a proof that serious whiskey fans will appreciate.

But Keeper’s Heart, you may ask, who would want a higher proof release of your already popular inaugural whiskey? We’re so glad you asked, because nearly everyone who has tasted it at this proof has asked us for more. We may be distillers first, but we possess enough business sense to respect the will of our fans, and there’s nothing we like better than sharing our whiskeys with the world.

Keeper’s Heart began as a shared vision between cousins Patrick and Michael O’Shaughnessy. The two had an idea to create a new style of whiskey that celebrated their Irish American heritage by blending American and Irish whiskeys in search of world-class spirits unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before. While whiskey enjoys centuries of tradition, no one had ever seriously explored blending American and Irish whiskeys in recent history, so the O’Shaughnessy’s wanted to work with the best. Just like pairing Irish and American whiskeys, the two cousins found success with a pair of pros.

The O’Shaughnessy’s enlisted the help of Brian Nation, a world-renowned Irish Master Distiller with brands like Jameson, Redbreast and Midleton to his credit. He immediately shared in the two cousins’ vision, moving his entire life (and family) to Minneapolis to help build the fledgling distillery from the ground up.

Being a consummate professional, Brian wanted to collaborate with a distiller possessing a deep understanding of the American whiskey palate. Fortunately, he’d previously found a kindred spirit in David Perkins, founder of High West Distillery. David was eager to explore new whiskey territory with an Irish legend, and the new team immediately began making whiskey history.

Irish + American 110 Proof is more than our newest release, it’s the next chapter of the history that we are crafting every day. We hope you’ll pick up a bottle or try a pour at your favorite whiskey-forward establishment. And please, let us know what you think. As you can tell, we clearly listen to our fans. Cheers & Sláinte!