Classic Cocktails with an Irish Accent

We’re damn particular about our whiskey, but the one thing we’ll always leave up to you is how to enjoy it. Neat, on the rocks, mixed into a cocktail or blended into a milkshake—we support any and all responsible whiskey enjoyment that brings a smile to your face.

All in Good Taste

Keeper’s Heart began as a vision shared by two cousins, Patrick and Michael O’Shaughnessy. They wanted to create singular whiskeys that blended Irish and American distilling traditions, as well as the moments best suited to sharing a bottle with the people who matter most. But in order to bring their dream to life, they knew they’d have to work with the best in Irish and American whiskey. They were joined by Master Distiller Brian Nation of Jameson, Redbreast and Midleton, as well as David Perkins, founder of High West. Together, the Keeper’s Heart team has succeeded in exploring an entirely new category of whiskey, winning a few awards along the way—not that we’re keeping count.

One of the many, truly great things about whiskey is that there’s no wrong way to enjoy it (responsibly). What’s right for one person is a matter of taste, and in matters of taste, we just stick to making the best whiskeys we can. But we’re always happy to offer recommendations, and when it comes to cocktails, we have a couple of suggestions.

Irishing Up the Classics

The highball is a simple, timeless, whiskey-forward classic that highlights the spirit’s flavor in a lighter, more sessionable serving. The recipe couldn’t be easier: whiskey, soda, ice, garnish and you’ve got yourself a highball. With notes of ginger, vanilla, spice and candy sweetness, our Irish + American is uniquely well-suited for highballs. But don’t simply take our word for it, The Beverage Tasting Institute ranked our debut release as the #1 Best Whiskey in a Highball, earning their coveted platinum medal. Also it was the most awarded new whiskey of 2022, but again, who’s counting?

The Manhattan is another whiskey-forward essential that we highly recommend, and yes, we’re clearly fans of whiskey-forward cocktails, but this is a classic for good reason—it’s delicious. For a relatively simple drink, it offers endless variations, but the basic recipe is hard to beat. Our newest release, Irish + Bourbon is a blend of Irish pot still and grain whiskeys with American bourbon, and it just so happens that it’s damn good in a Manhattan. With notes of pepper, caramel, toasted oak and an herbal touch from the pot still whiskey, our Irish + Bourbon truly brings something distinct and delicious to the mix. just listed it as one of their top 10 whiskeys to mix in a Manhattan, but you should really explore their list for yourself. Truly, it’s an honor to be included among such a respectable lineup of bourbon legends.

Whether you’re new to the spirit or a whiskey veteran, we hope you’ll try Keeper’s Heart, and if you have, thank you, we hope you enjoyed it. Whether sipped neat or mixed into one of our favorite cocktails, a highball or Manhattan for instance, our whiskeys are the culmination of a family vision shared by some of the best distillers in the business. Accolades are nice, but there’s no greater award than appealing to your good taste.