O’Shaughnessy Distilling Co. Experiences

Gather your friends and step into our world of whiskey by joining us for one of our many distillery experiences. Whether you’re a seasoned whiskey connoisseur or just curious, we have something special in store for you and your crew!

🏭 Distillery Tours: Explore the heart of our distillery on a tour where you’ll learn about our unique Irish & American whiskey making process, see our magnificent copper pot stills in person, and have the option to do an intimate whiskey tasting in The Keep.

🧪 Whiskey Blending Class: Awaken the whiskey enthusiast within you and learn about the art of blending. Create your very own extraordinary blend and let our skilled bartenders mix it into your favorite cocktail.

🍸 Cocktail Making Class: Shake, stir, and pour your way through this hands-on walk through of what it takes to make the two most essential whiskey cocktails: the Old Fashioned and Manhattan.

🥃 Whiskey Tastings: From exclusive tastings of our whole portfolio to the unveiling of our limited edition Single Barrel releases. Join us at our expert-led whiskey tasting events and discover of our award-winning Irish + American whiskeys.

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