Celebrate Halfway to Saint Patrick’s Day with the Irish + American Whiskey

In 2021, Master Distiller Brian Nation shocked the whiskey world when he left Ireland’s largest whiskey distillery and joined our family in Minneapolis, Minnesota to help build Keeper’s Heart Whiskey. With Brian’s momentous move to America, we expected that a few people might be up in arms. But we weren’t counting on incurring the wrath of his entire hometown of Cork.

We understand their disappointment but hope the people of Ireland can look past their anger to the greater good that’s come from this change. By marrying the best of Irish & American distilling traditions to create a new and unique style of whiskey, Brian is forging stronger bonds between our two great nations. Irish whiskey has enjoyed centuries of excellence, it’s time for Brian to bring his expertise to exciting new territories.

September 17th is halfway to St. Patrick’s Day, and we invite you all to keep Brian in your heart on this midway point. He may no longer be in Ireland, but Brian will forever be of Ireland (whether the people of Ireland want him or not). Our whiskey is roughly half Irish whiskey and half American whiskey, so what better way to celebrate a halfway holiday than by raising a glass of our fine whiskey with friends and toasting to Brian’s (and our) continued success. Cheers and Sláinte!

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