Keeper’s Heart is the Gift Worth Sharing

With the holidays upon us, the gifts we give can say a lot about us. From the brightly wrapped packages under a tree to a thoughtful host gift, whiskey is a uniquely perfect choice. A friend could open a bottle to share around that very evening, a collector might find a place of honor for it in their collection, or a more casual whiskey fan might enjoy the whiskey slowly, lingering over the bottle for months—or even years. There’s no wrong way to give or receive whiskey (responsibly). The only expectation for a bottle is that someday, it’s going to be enjoyed. We think there’s something beautiful about that, and it’s one of the reasons the O’Shaughnessy cousins founded Keeper’s Heart. We’re committed to creating the moments that bring people together, and we’ve often found that great whiskey can help with that.

Two Countries, Three Whiskeys in One

So if whiskey is the go-to gift for the holidays, why should you consider Keeper’s Heart when there’s a wide world of whiskey to explore? We’re very glad you asked that, because we’re in the unique position of being the only distillery that unites two of those whiskey worlds together, blending Irish grain and pot still whiskeys with American whiskeys for unique expressions unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before. We’re bringing something truly new to the table, and we have the pedigree to pull it off with exceptional taste and style as we bring our Irish accent to American bourbon and rye. We make delicious whiskeys unlike anyone else on the planet, and even the hardest to impress whiskey aficionados in your life are going to want to have an opinion about what we do. Best of all, our whiskeys are reasonably priced, making them perfect for any holiday occasion—from office parties to a gift for dad, and nobody deserves a good whiskey more than your dad. You know why.

When we said pedigree, we meant it. The O’Shaughnessys knew they’d need to find the best to help bring their vision to life. Brian Nation is a world-renowned Irish Master Distiller. Prior to Keeper’s Heart, he was running an obscure little Irish operation by the name of Jameson Distillery, with other brands like Redbreast and Midleton under his belt. Fortunately (and as a gift for us all), he immediately shared the two cousins’ vision, moving his entire life (and family) to Minneapolis to help build the fledgling distillery from the ground up.

An Award-Winning Collection of Whiskeys

In 2021, Keeper’s Heart launched its inaugural Irish + American release—a blend of Irish grain and pot still whiskeys with American rye. With tempting notes of candied ginger, vanilla, lemon zest, spice and sweet biscuits, it is now the most awarded new whiskey of 2022 with many notable wins, including International Wine and Spirits Challenge Platinum, Beverage Testing Institute ‘Best Whiskey in a Highball’ Platinum, Ultimate Spirits Challenge 94, and San Francisco World Spirits Competition Gold. For serious whiskey fans, Irish + American is also available at 110 proof (or extra-holiday strength).

We released our second expression, Irish + Bourbon in 2022, blending our Irish grain and pot still whiskeys with exceptional American bourbon for a rich, accessible whiskey perfect for fans of America’s native spirit. With notes of butterscotch sweetness mingling with the bourbon barrels’ freshly charred oak, this blend is singularly unique and delicious and it’s already winning its own share of accolades, with highlights including International Wine and Spirits Competition’s coveted Platinum Award. It was also listed as one of Mashed’s 10 Best Bourbons to Mix in a Manhattan. Enjoyed neat, mixed in a cocktail or poured into a holiday punch, our Irish + Bourbon has the range to delight a variety of palates.

We understand that the holiday season can be overwhelming, and we want to help. World-renowned Master Distillers, accolades, serving suggestions and our family story aside, at heart we are a group of distillers driven by the pursuit of good taste. Of course we want to make complex, interesting whiskeys, but at the end of the day, we want people to come together and genuinely enjoy them with the people they care most about. We couldn’t think of a better occasion than the holiday season to give a gift that both surprises and delights, and as luck would have it, our whiskeys do both! Cheers, Sláinte, and happy holidays from Keeper’s Heart!